Electrical Engineer

San Jose, CA

Job description

As a CAD/PCB designer, you will be working on circuit boards for consumer devices.

You will work with Hardware designers and Mechanical Engineers throughout the full product development life-cycle, supporting PCB outline, component placement and routing.

You will work as an integral part of the Systems Hardware Development team, interfacing with external fabricators or vendors to apply state of the art industry standards, tools and technologies.


  • Create part footprint in conjunction with PCB Librarian.
  • Take responsibility for PCB outline and layer setup, component placement and signal routing.
  • Interface with board fabrication vendor to select and use correct impedance rules, DFM and DFT rulesets.
  • Work with hardware engineers, PCB designers and fabricators for development and sustainability of actual products.
  • Model physical signaling channels. Topologies including differential, single-ended, and parallel bus types.
  • Keep up with, and develop a comprehensive knowledge of, industry standards and technologies.


  • B.S. in Electrical Engineering or equivalent practical experience.
  • Experienced with state of the art PCB design tools and methodology.
  • Experience with Cadence and Allegro tools.
  • Proficient in high-speed board designs or layouts; familiar with high-density ball-grid array’s (BGA), blind and buried via’s.
  • Knowledge of high-speed digital circuits, PCB layout and signals integrity
  • Familiar with signal analyzer/oscilloscope, network/spectrum analyzer test equipment.
  • Excellent system troubleshooting skills.
  • Interconnect modeling capability, using S-parameter, W-elements, etc. is required.
  • The understanding of channel types including cabling, PCB materials, flex materials, and connector design methods and limitations is required.
  • Skills with associated tools for 2D, 3D Full-wave (HFSS, CST), Spice, ADS modeling is required.
  • Motivated self-starter with strong organizational and effective written and verbal communication skills.

Bonus Points:

Familiarity with all phases of hardware development including schematic entry, manually generated constraints, requirements of the constraints and board layout.

Required Experience

More than 5 years of provable experience in Computer-aided Design (CAD) or Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design area.

Will consider recent graduates if shown strong foundation and motivation.

Other Requirement

Must be authorized to work in the US

Job Type


Job Location

San Jose, CA


Competitive salary and equity package

To apply for this job, e-mail your details to delegate@ffd.space