Mechatronics Engineer

Updated: 03/07/2023

San Jose, CA

Job duties

  • Create and validate robust AR sensor fusion algorithms for object tracking, localization, and environment perception;
  • Implement and optimize the algorithms on mobile/embedded hardware platforms to ensure real-time performance using C/C++;
  • Screen for, test, and characterize the state-of-art inertial, imaging, depth sensors that meet the design requirement;
  • Develop multi-sensor calibration and verification methods and procedures to ensure consistent and reliable algorithm performance in mass production;
  • Design calibration tooling for inertial sensor and image sensors, using design softwares like SolidWorks, Autodesk Invertor, or Autodesk Fusion 360;
  • Create research and engineering documentation.


  • Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering.
  • One year of experience as a Mechanical Engineer familiar with development of consumer augmented reality or virtual reality devices.

Job Type


Job Location

San Jose, CA



Resume to Firefly Dimension, Inc., 97 E Brokaw Rd., Suite 310E, San Jose, CA 95112